Sunday, September 29, 2013

"Americans still throw away 1 billion
plastic bagsevery year."
Canadians still throw away 500 bags per person per year.
1 trillion are thrown out world wide.
They don't rot, they fly, they clog, they enter the food chain.

 Choose to reuse.
There are great reusable bags everywhere!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NWT reusable bags

 Since Feb. 1, 2011 all stores in NWT
charge 25 cents for single-use bags,
which goes into an evnironmental fund.

Here are some interesting reusable bags
the NWT has been promoting.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Austin Texas Bans the Bag

Shoplifters in Seattle get boost from plastic bag ban

Austin, Texas
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Oregon
West Hollywood

These and more communities are banning plastic (polyethylene) single-use bags from being handed out in retail stores. Communities all have the same initial responses: grumbles from people not wanting to change, concerns about germs, and concerns about shoplifting.

But communities around the world continue to have huge issues with overflowing landfill, and are passing single-use plastic bag bans as a way to reduce waste.

Fort McMurray remains a leader by banning all single-use bags - those made of paper, biodegradable and compostable fibers as well. This is because they don't compost in a landfill situation, where waste is piled so deeply that the organisms that do the eating and composting can't survive.